US premiere of Kilpinen Violin Sonata and Wessman Vintergatan at Scandinavia House, Park Avenue, NYC 10.1.2019.

 Frida Backman violin, Collin Hansen piano, Kathleen Roland-Silverstein soprano, Tom Cipullo composer (audience).


A new album of solo violin music - introducing various styles to new audiences is in the making and will be released on the label Fuga in 2019. This recording is generously supported by the Swedish Culture foundation in Finland  - Svenska kulturfonden and MES The Finnish Music Foundation.


Premiere of Walter Wolff: A suite for violin (2018) - took place at the lunchtime concert at EKTA Museum in Ekenäs, celebrating the birthday of painter Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946) - Tuesday 10.7.2018



"Vintergatan" by Harri Wessman has been premiered in Ekenäs with American Soprano Kathleen Roland-Silverstein. Review of premiere: Västra Nyland, 20.3.2018, Jenny Backman-Pråhl






In celebration of Topelius 200, Finnish composer Harri Wessman has completed another work for Frida Backman. Made possible by the financial support of Svenska Litteratursällskapet (SLS), this work for violin and voice uses the poem Vintergatan, by the Finnish literary giant Zacharias Topelius (1818-1898). This lush, mysterious tale of longing is a romantic poem about Zulamit and Salami, who having been separated to either end of Space, build a bridge between them - the Milky Way.



"Try out a meditative concert experience combining baroque music and silence."

 Music Meditaions - Musikmeditationer - Musiikkimeditaatiot



Taking Classical Music into Schools - Klassinen musiikki kouluihin - Ut till skolorna med klassisk musik, is an outreach project made possible by generous funding from the Sophie von Julin Foundation - bringing live classical music to first years in all Raseborg primary schools during spring term 2018.



Review of Painting with Music, Snappertuna 3.3.2018: Västra Nyland, Musikmåleri med bred pensel, Sara Selenius, 6.3.2018



The Bergman - Kilpinen - Wessman project is the name of Frida's initiative to bring interesting and beautiful new or forgotten works to her audiences. The rare and romantic Finnish violin sonatas opus 8 by Erik Bergman and opus 87 by Yrjö Kilpinen will be presented to audiences in Finland and UK.

Award-winning Finnish composer Harri Wessman's suite for violin and piano 2016 - The Anna Variations - is dedicated to Frida Backman and is premiered and performed in concerts in the UK and Finland. This multi-movement work draws it inspiration from the musical language of a Swedish Finnish folk tune and it is commisioned by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Svenska kulturfonden.

Season 2017 - 2018 has been dedicated to further explore the solo violin repertoire. Following on the previous season dedicated to the cycle of solo Bach Backman dives deep into the romantic, neo romantic and more contemporary repertoire.