Frida gratefully acknowledge her sponsors:


Snapit Dancewear sponsors of Frida's and The Backman Trio's performance wear - www.snapitdancewear.com






Grants and Benefactors

Frida gratefully acknowledges financial support received from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, MES - The Finnish Music Foundation, Sophie von Julin Foundation, Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, and the collaboration with Svenska folkskolans vänner SFV. The commission of Wessman's Vintergatan was made possible with the aid of SLS - The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland.



the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland for grants toward concerts, the Fantasia CD and solo violin recording Integration (2019).


MES - Finnish Music Foundation - Musiikin Edistämissäätiö, for support towards the recordings of Fantasia and Integration.


Individual members of the public through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.


Collaborative Partners include


Svenska folkskolans vänner

Music Finland

National Library Helsinki, Kansalliskirjasto

Paul Sacher Foundation, Basel, Switzerland

Dorset Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra Academy, London

Hampshire County Youth Orchestra

Salisbury Recorded Music Society

Salisbury Combined Music Society