"Det är verkligen imponerande att en träkropp med metallsträngar kan skapa så många olika klanger och sinnesstämningar. Att ett till synes litet instrument kan fylla en stor sal på samma sätt som en hel orkester. Detta beror också till stor del på artistens intensiva karisma och tekniska kunskap. Det är en njutning att följa med Backmans kroppsliga uttryck, stråkens kvicka svängningar, och fingrarna som löper smidigt över hela greppbrädan."

Västra Nyland, Sara Selenius, "Musikmåleri med bred pensel", 6.3.2018


Topelius 200: Vintergatan premiär, Ekenäs

"En verkligt fin helhet"

Västra Nyland, Jenny Backman-Pråhl: 20.3.2018, 



Bach by Candlelight, Salisbury cycle 16-17


Thanks for last night. I was possessed, obsessed, enthralled, relaxed, moved and happy. You are such a force!

Mrs. M.S.


So pleased I was able to come this evening.  Everything was beautiful, the frosty evening, the setting, the welcome, the candles and of course the music.  I closed my eyes occasionally and it sounded like more than one violin.  It was all over way too quickly and I will certainly be putting the next one in my diary, thank you for a lovely experience.

Mrs. C.S.


Brahms Violin Concerto 14/5/16, Dorset Chamber Orchestra


Frida's superb playing brought emotions to the surface and shivers down my spine.

Jane Brewster, leader 


She was great. So engaging. I thought the orchestra were superb.

Linda Ryall, from the audience 


The orchestra were wonderful and Frida was mesmerising. 

Philip Goddard, from the audience


There were so many treasured moments in the concert and from my privileged position I witnessed such a beautiful performance unfold from Frida and the orchestra. Above everything it seemed to put the sharing of this great music first and so it became a very special gift to our appreciative audience. Thanks to Frida and all members of the orchestra and our committee for an evening that will live long in the memory.

Walter Brewster, conductor


"The Backman Trio give an engaging and passionate account of it (Bridge Phantasie) worthy of comparison with any of their rivals"

Gramophone, Spring issue 2015


"...Frida Backman got to demonstrate the eloquent sparkle of her violin."

Hannu-Ilari Lampila, Helsinginsanomat 28/7/14


"It was a delight to welcome violinist Frida Backman to join us at the Chamber Academy in a performance of the Brahms violin concerto in November. Frida brought not only excellent technique, musicality and warmth to the performance but also a commitment to frequently attend rehearsals in order to get things just right. Our audience enjoyed Frida's excellent performance and the orchestra were inspired by her insights into the interaction between orchestra and soloist as well as her musicological research into the manuscript and performance practice. I can highly recommend Frida Backman as a soloist and collaborator and look forward to future collaborations with her."

Abigail Dance, Leader of CAO 21/2/15


"The violin was flexible and soloistic"

Eva Tanskanen, Synkooppi 12/2014


"As brisk and fresh as the skillful Backman Trio was at playing the Bergman piece, it was at its best in the Trio (1921) by the English Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979). This trio reflecting the horrors and pain of the First World War is a masterpiece. Clarke's trio made an impact with its emotional force as well as its sophisticated structure. The Backman Trio continuously conjured up new tonal nuances, harmonies of colour, characters of motif and rhythm, which all grew from the deeply melancholy base feeling created by the explosive firing of the beginning."

Hannu-Ilari Lampila, Helsinginsanomat 28/7/14 (translation by Jenni Homer)


"Stellar performance"

The Musician, Spring 2015 - Review of Fantasia CD by The Backman Trio


"Frida Backman studied in my class at the Lahti Conservatoire, during 2000-2005. Frida was hardworking and quickly adopted new repertoire. In 2001 she performed in the Sibelius Hall as soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of Lahti Conservatoire. In her Final Examination Frida got excellent reviews. In the history of our conservatoire she is the first and so far the only violinist who has received maximum points in that examination. Frida's playing reflects good intonation, beautiful tone, profound interpretation and personality. I hope that she will get many chances to play in concerts and I feel that The European Young Concert Artists Auditions would offer a great opportunity for that in the future."

Pertti Sutinen,  Head of Strings, Lahti University of Applied Science 7/5/2006


Fire and ice

Parents shouldn't have favourite children, owners aren't supposed to have favourite pets. But reviewers can have favourite concerts. And July's was certainly my favourite out of the fourteen we have had so far in our series. The choice of music was excellent - piano and violin works from Saint-Saens, Haydn, Mozart and Sibelius and the standard of performance was outstanding. Both performers seemed thoroughly to enjoy themselves, and what the audience lacked in numbers they made up for in appreciation. Music is, of course, essentially auditory, but Frida Backman, our Finnish violinist conjured up word pictures in her introductions which added a visual element as well. As she played a the violin solo "Night of the Humble Flea" you could almost see the flea spending the night jumping and biting before going to sleep fully sated. The piece sounded fiendishly difficult to play - not quite as easy, she said, as she had been hoping for as the final recital piece for her postgraduate studies written specially for her by Roger Wanamo. And you could visualise Sibelius staggering home from a night in the pub with his cronies, with the odd hiccup thrown in, as Frida and Laia played his Humoresque No.5. And if music and word pictures weren't enough, we also had a mini poetry recital. Laia Armegol, our first pianist from Catalonia, and Frida treated us to a piece by a Catalan composer, Eduard Toldra. Laia read to us - in Catalan - the sonnet which had inspired his Soneti de la Rosada. Those of us whose Catalan is not entirely fluent didn't catch every word but Laia's reading was musical in its own right. So Finnish ice combined with Catalan fire to give us a really stunning performance we await with anticipation their yet-to-be-made CD maybe entitled "Fire and Ice"?

Elizabeth Bedford, Concerts at St Lawrence, July 2008