Masterclass on 20th March 2015 at Winchester College


Active Participant: I found Frida's technical advice very helpful and it has helped to improve my playing already especially as I am playing the Brahms sonata for my A level recital soon. I found Frida to be very friendly and helpful which helped make the experience a lot less pressurised.


Violin Teacher, Passive Participant: Frida immediately put the students at ease, creating a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Very quick to identify and focus in on the most relevant aspects of each players needs, Frida kept a perfect balance between technical work and helping the players discover more about the true meaning of the music they were playing.

HMS Leading String Specialist Gideon Baker:

Frida's love for music and passion for violin playing was infectious.
There was something of relevance for all who were there - and everyone will have taken away something positive - from youngsters at the start of their playing journey right up to seasoned and experienced teachers.


Active Participant: Thank you very much for the masterclass it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. It was a great help in preparing me for my grade eight exam and I was given many ideas about how to explore the character of my piece. Frida also gave me a greater understanding of the Grieg sonata and made the masterclass an enjoyable experience despite nervousness at the start. I did struggle to change my bowing as it was already quite firmly set but I found other suggestions quite easy to
take on board and I believe it made a big difference to how well I played the Grieg in my exam.


Violin Teacher Passive Participant: Frida had a lovely manner with the pupils and they seemed to be at ease working with her. Frida focused on either musical or technical points with each pupil and overall there was a good mix covering several different aspects of performance. Her work on posture was particularly good. I think Frida could deliver a really useful session on posture on our inset day, based particularly on her work with Brien Stait. Overall I thought it was a successful event, I enjoyed it and learned from it and I'm sure the pupils did too. The pupils were all amazing.

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