In a body that is free of excess tension the mind can incrementally learn to let go and let the music be expressed from a fountain of inspiration from within.

Frida's approach to teaching and playing the violin was greatly inspired by her late mentor and teacher Brien Stait (1928-2014) who developed a unique way of playing where both the right and left side of the body are free to move whilst playing the violin. 

She has taught in a variety of state and independent schools in London since 2005 and privately since 2010 a broad range of students of different backgrounds and musical skill, from beginners of all ages to mature amateurs and professionals. Currently Frida teaches the violin and orchestral studies at the Raseborg Culture Institute.

Drawing on the experience gained from her training influenced by the Russian violin school in Finland (Pertti Sutinen etc.), which has a rigorous emphasis on technical assurance through scales and studies - and the English violin training received at TCM and RAM, and Stait's unique approach she posesses a versatile range of tools for her teaching. Additionally she uses visualisation, Kodaly - ear training, Alexander Technique, Dalcroze Eurhythmics - expressing pulse and melody through movement, as well as free and structured improvisation, implemented as and when to help her students reach their full potential.